Monika Bendner

“Z. Z. besteht meine Kunst aus Kreativer, abstrakter Fotografie, die zum großen Teil durch Zeichnungen, Scherenschnitten, Folien, Lichtquellen entstanden sind. Abfotografiert und im PC bearbeitet. Daraus mache ich Serien und erzähle damit kleine Bildgeschichten.”

Black and White Loves Color - Creative photography, canvas print 90 x 60 cm The images are also available individually

Monika Bendner was born in Berlin and dealt with art at an early age. She gained experience in painting and figural art. In Munich, she attended a private Art Academy, later in Frankfurt she took several courses at the BBK and in Kronberg / Taunus for Painting, Drawing, Etching and Photography. Bendner sees the world with different eyes. Due to her creativity and imagination, she transforms concrete objects abstractly into unusual pictures.

The artist has received nine awards at home in Germany and abroad. Most recently she was awarded the 2020 Art Prize by Art Tour International Awards, Artist for A Green Planet, New York. Articles on her practice have been published in Art Tour International Magazine, 2020 Summer Issue, 'Art as a Healing Force', USA and Art Tour International, 2020 Fall Issue, 'Artists for A Green Planet', USA. In 2021, she was featured in 2021 ATIM's 10-year Anniversary Artfest, Winter 2021, USA.


"I love colors and non-colors. Now I thought to portray it in a series of pictures. That's how I see nature. The beauty there is in the abundance of colors, but also the beauty in the melancholy of the non - colors. This is how my pictures were created and designed in abstract forms. Now everyone can decide for themselves what like better." 

Schwarz - Weiss liebt die Farbe setzen

Universe 1 - Creative photography, canvas print 90 x 60 cm
Girl with Mask - Creative photography, canvas print 90 x 60 cm
The Actress - Creative photography, canvas print 40 x 40 cm
Universe - Creative photography, canvas print 90 x 60 cm

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