Munisha Gupta

"My paintings grow from personal experience and making them allows me to test and determine more fully my relationship with everyday life. I allow personal imagery to gather on the surface of each painting, stacked almost, which moves it to the edge of figuration."

Ek Omkaar (One consciousness) - Oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm

"My research aims to provide an understanding of everyday life that is overlaid with shadows and ambiguities. Having lived in different countries and travelling around the world, painting has enabled me to recall upon certain experiences, to reflect and discover more about myself and the world around me.

For many years, painting has provided me with ways to engage with personal and domestic space, and have had an interest in seeking the ordinary and the unfamiliar and to communicate a sense of ‘experience; specific happenings there and my relationship to that space have shaped my approach to each work. I have used photographs of places as source material that conjured up emotions and key moments of past experiences.

More recently, my work is questioning: to what extent do I paint representational? And, how does colour and mark-making express my interest in certain experiences? Currently, my source material is working with memory and, since lockdown, exploring solitude, boundaries and isolation. I use painting as a tool, and the immersive act of painting to move colour on the canvas and as a way to ‘feel’ my way towards something. I have a developing interest towards gesture and allowing mark-making to be a larger part of my focus, delving into the experience of painting and using more of a confessional approach. I have been regularly exhibiting work with The Holborn Group, and The Rookery Artists Collective working on projects such as Urban Dreams, Impermanence, Roots and Drifts, Karma Theory. I have selected and exhibited twice at Chelsea Art Society annual exhibitions and have been twice shortlisted for the RA summer shows. My work has since been changing and I aim to find a balance between representation; explore colour and layers of paint and movement to develop a new body of work and expand my practice."

Umbilical cord and logical brain - Ink, acrylic and oils on paper 45 x 60 cm
Inner pathways - Oil on canvas 40 x 60 cm
Lazy morning, Indonesia - Oil on canvas 90 x 120 cm
The Cord that we don't want cut - Oil, acrylic and inks on canvas 50 x 90 cm

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