Nasrah Nefer, Gigi Art

"Art is the Language of Soul and for me, like breathing."

Gaia und ihre Kinder - Acrylic on canvas 57 x 57 cm

German/Egyptian artist, Nasrah Nefer was born in 1960 in Heidelberg and has chosen painting as an expression medium from a young age. In 1967 she was the youngest participant and recipient of the 1st Place Award in a student sculpture contest in Baden-Würtemberg. Despite support from her teachers, Nefer chose a different path and was trained as a Nurse. While working as a nurse,  art was again brought to the fore. Nasrah Nefer received an offer to attend private art studies in Italy and for two years lived and studied in Sardinia with Francesco Santini.

The artist continued her education in Germany with numerous exhibitions in Cologne. Nasrah Nefer went on to study Egyptology, Archaeology and Islamic Science at the University of Cologne. Consecutively receiving a dance education for almost 9 years. With a focus on Egyptian dance, she worked in many countries on stage; later teaching dance, gymnastics and painting. Nasrah Nefer then combined painting with dance: Sets and props, dance costumes with hand-painted silks and original designs; culminating in fashion shows in Belgium and Germany. During these years, she had numerous exhibitions in many German cities.

This background led Nefer to establish an oriental store; followed by two Orient houses "Ya Habibi", an event bistro and restaurant. In these, she realized her vision to integrate the sensual pleasures of the Orient -  smells, food, music and dance; bringing a world full of colour to the people. These activities are interwoven with her art. Since 2002, the artist lives in Turkey, where she performs dance and offers education in Gym and Dance. Her artwork was exhibited in Alanya, Dalyan Kuşadası and Europe. With the artist Franziska Pietsch, Neffer produced the book "Seelenlandschaften". These poems and paintings were published in September 2015 by Karin Fischer Verlag. Since 2018, the artist is involved in interior design and projects and in 2020 she founded the Artist Group N A S Art.

Serendipity - Mixed media on wood, framed 33 x 104 cm
Das Jüngste Gericht - Mixed media on wood, framed 33 x 104 cm
Olga - Mixed media on wood, framed 33 x 104 cm
Love Rhapsody - Acrylic on canvas, wood, framed 120 x120 cm

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