Natasha Onufrieva

"My personal style has been influenced by the poster tradition and is close to graphic manners. The main themes of my professional research are social and mental health, search for true inner happiness. My mission as an artist is to visualize the importance of this topics. "

Magic Pills - Acrylic/Oil on Canvas 70 x 70 cm €4,000

Natasha Onufrieva's passion for drawing and painting has been evident since her early childhood. She honed her skills at an art college and later at a Higher School of Art, complemented by professional classes in watercolor, hyperrealism, and abstract art. Leveraging her expertise in marketing, she embarked on various business projects deeply intertwined with art, aiming to evoke not just visual but olfactory and tactile experiences. This led to the establishment of her own perfume atelier in the South of France and the creation of women's fashion collections featuring her prints on silk and cotton.

Currently residing in Spain, Natasha dedicates herself entirely to painting, employing oil, acrylic, and digital mediums. While she initially delved into themes surrounding women's experiences, rights, and societal issues, her focus has shifted towards advocating for social and mental health. Natasha firmly believes in the profound impact of individual mental well-being on society and considers it her professional artistic responsibility to draw attention to these topics.

Natasha's artworks have gained international recognition, with recent exhibitions at prestigious events such as the London Art Biennale 2023, Spectrum Miami 2022, and Salon des artistes français 2023. She has also been honored as an award winner in the Sfumato Art competition and featured in Circle Spotlight magazine and Sfumato Art Gallery publications.

Natasha's educational achievements include a diploma from Surikov Art Academy in Moscow, Russia (2018-2020), a portrait course by David Kassan at Craneo Creation in Sevilla, Spain (2018), and a Fashion Product Design certification from LCI Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain (2015). Additionally, she holds a certification from the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in Grasse, France, obtained in 2012. She also earned a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology/Technical University.

Lollipop aka "Burnt" - Acrylic/Oil on Canvas 97 x 130 cm €4,500
S.O.S - Acrylic/Oil on Canvas 60 x 81 cm €3,500
Jelly Bear aka "Cannabis" - Acrylic/Oil on Canvas 97 x 130 cm €4,500
Tricky Decisions - Acrylic/Oil on Canvas 80 x 100 cm €4,500

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