"Mainly focused on female faces and on the importance of a look: aren't eyes the mirrors of the soul? I like to start my drawings with the eyes, they give me the tone, the rest follows, intertwine, clash, guided simply by the magic of creation..."

Pô - Digital media C-print on Plexiglass 76,9x50 cm

"I swapped my paintbrush for a stylus several years ago, following my inspirations, my moods of the moment.

Before becoming a full-fledged passion, it was at first an art therapy...

Isn't the most important thing to take pleasure in sharing one's dreams, one's follies?

For more than 21 years on the French Riviera, I share my time between teaching computer science and digital art."

Ma poire - Digital media C-print on wood 30x54,1 cm
Athéna - Digital media C-print on canvas 81x70 cm
Pomme croquée - Digital media C-print on canvas 40x49,8 cm
Olzem - Digital media C-print on canvas 80x60 cm

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