New style and technique


My name is Ara Hovhannisyan and I’d like to introduce you to the artwork of Atom Hovhanesyan, a young man who dedicated the last ten years of his life to expression through art. This presentation comes not from despair but from honest belief in Atom’s talents and the desire for his artwork to be recognized by the proper platform. Atom created a style of art that is very unique and has never been seen before.
Introduction to the Artist.

As a faithful and respectful learner, Atom, then successor of legendary master’s vision, style and performance, loved and respected the traditional choice of medium and technique very highly. He respected the world of art so greatly he even ground his own colors to honor and continue the styles of legendary masters that he studied. Atom dedicated a colossal fraction of his life to learning the true traditions and techniques of art, sometimes spending 72 hours nonstop in creating a piece of work. Throughout his paintings and drawings, Atom’s breathtaking creations often turned out unexpectedly. When beginning a piece, he did not anticipate what the result would be, but it would often turn out being a very unique creation, never having been observed before. He created a personal style and developed his own technique both in post divisionism and ink drawings constructing an unrepeatable style unique to Atom. Besides these styles, Atom was a multi-dimensional artist who successfully created drawings and paintings in different styles, different mediums exercising different techniques. He referred to himself as an abstract expressionist.

Below are links to the different platforms displaying Atom’s art:
Instagram @artbyatomhov
Pen technique-
Divisionist Technique-
In loving memory of Atom Hovhanesyan (1981-2018)