Nira Chorev

I Chose Life - Mixed Media on paper 22 x 30 in.

Born 1952 in Boston, MA, Nira Chorev was raised and educated both in the United States (1960-5) and in Israel (1965-74). She studied art with a variety of professors including Moshe Rosenthalis (Drawing), Robert Beza (Painting), Alexander Bogen (Painting), Paula Aronson (Ceramics) Moshe Sternschuss (Sculpture), Moshe Ziffer (Sculpture)  Jacob (Cuba) Zim (Graphic Design). In 1970, Chorev was award a scholarship for Best Painting by the Sharet American Israel Foundation for Young Artists and she later graduated with Fine Art Diploma in 1969 from Aveni College of Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel. She worked between she completed her higher education between 1972 - 2011, at the School of the Museum of Fine Art (SMFA), Boston; MA Diploma – 1975; BFA - 1977. Since receiving her Post-Graduate Degree in 1978, her artwork has been exhibited at The Royal School of Art in London (1988), Art Expo, USA, NY (1997), the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC (1998), Resnikoff Gallery, Boston, MA. 

Landscape - Mixed Media on paper 20 x 32 in.
Dunes III - Mixed Media on paper 22 x 30 in.
Landscape - Mixed Media on paper 22 x 30 in.
Winter Landscape 2 - Mixed Media on paper 24 x 34 in.

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