Nluz Love

Digital Drawing 9 - Photograph 2362 x 2362 px $1200

The power of induced knowledge

Everything will happen according to the universal expression of knowledge induced by the cosmos. The correlativity of color and content between photographs is proof that the exposed event will take place. I, as an artist, experience this privilege in the realization of my photographic work. Creativity is light, understanding light as the key to the future, or the visionary expression of induced knowledge in art.

What is induced knowledge?

There is an unconscious avant-garde current that, in different parts of the world and in the creative work of different people with media identities, creates a coherent narrative. Expressing a common idea without consciousness of meaning through media-related communication generates the true sense of the truth of the creative stream. Just follow this unconscious thread to get the super coherent expression of communication. We express in the global community an idea induced by the cosmos without knowing the superior act of which, as an individual creator, we are a part. This induced knowledge is the key to the immediate future due to its visionary power and my creative work, the center of interest of this new and great universal event that digital technology allows today. All this is shaped in the alien action in defense of truth and democracy, the more than punctual perfection of the new American miracle, in the world.

Self-portrait with Van and Cherries
Lucy is cosmic - Photograph 140,48 x 80,18 cm $2000
Alive! - Photograph 2719 x 6378 px $1900
Good night - Photograph 3840 x 5120 px $1700
Digital man (The calling) - Photograph 3024 x 4032 px $1500
The eternal time of cherries - Photograph 4032 x 3024 px $1800

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