Nluz Love

“Photography transforms reality. And not only through observation and subsequent action, but each phototransformation is an accurate prediction of social change. Photography is a force that transforms the world.”

Digital man (The calling) - iPhone photograph 42.67 x 56.9 cm

In 2004, Nluz Love received the National Professional Photography Awards, Lux Gold in Architecture and Interior Design and Lux Silver and Bronze in Industrial. The work is exhibited at the Barcelona Convention Palace. In 2005, Nluz Love received a Lux Silver Award in Architecture and Interior Design. In 2006 he published in the Spanish magazine Arte Fotografia. In 2010 Nluz Love was part of the encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American Artists, whose purpose is to spread Hispanic culture through his artists in public libraries in the USA. In 2014 he exhibited a work at the Palau Robert in Barcelona, in the celebration of twenty years of Lux awards. In 2017 it is part of the Art Fair Malaga 2017 art fair. n in January 2019 Nluz Love is awarded an Award for Excellence by CFA Circle Foundation of the Arts, a founding of international artists in Lyon, France.

In December 2019 he exhibited a work in Art Basel Art Weeks with ARTBOX PROJECTS Miami 2.0. In January 2020 Nluz Love received an honorable mention for CFA Circle Foundation of the Arts competition in Artist for the Year Award. In March 2020 he received two nominations in the Categories Architecture and People at the International Color Awards 13th. In October 2020, he received a nomination in Architecture at the Black and White spider Awards, USA. He is awarded as a winner at the 16TH Black & White Spider awards with an Honorable Mention in the professional modality and the American category for photography "Digital man(The calling)" in November 2021, thus forming part of the book and film distributed throughout the world. In addition, he works as a teacher of teachers within the framework of Comunicarte of the Community of Madrid at the IES Puerta Bonita, Madrid. In the month of March 2022 he received four nominations at the 15TH International Color Awards in the categories of Abstract, Architecture, Americana and Sports. In the month of November 2022 he received a nomination at the Black and White Spider Awards 17TH in the Americana category for photography titled "Wizard" From 1st-December-2022 to 10th-December-2022 he exhibits three photographic works in WYNWOOD during ART BASEL ART WEEK in MIAMI, US with ARTBOXY. From 1st-December-2022 to 23rd-December-2022 he exhibits three photographic works at LELIE GALERIJ AMSTERDAM NETHERLANDS with ARTBOXY. From 16th-January-2023 to 15th-February-2023 he exhibits three photographic works at Abbot Kinney, LAB GALLERY, LOS ANGELES, CA with ARTBOXY.

Amor perruno - iPhone photograph 56.9 x 42.67 cm
The other side - iPhone photograph 42.67 x 56.9 cm
The fly on the spider´s brain - iPhone photograph 56.9 x 42.67 cm
Shoot in the dark - iPhone photograph 42.67 x 56.9 cm

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