Nogueira de Barros

"The body of my work is instinctive and organic, seeking layer by layer for the perfect composition, in the chaos of the imperfection. The target of my searches is always nature, we can find abstraction in all of nature, transforming it into plastic and aesthetic reasons."

2020, nº15 - Acrylic, resin and inks on wood 100 x 81 cm

Nogueira de Barros is an award-winning artist, born in Almada, Portugal in 1964. He exhibits regularly having participated in prestigious collective exhibitions and several individual shows. In 2001, Nogueira de Barros began exhibiting internationally, highlighting the city of New York and London.


Select Solo Shows

2000: Galeria dos Cardaes – Principe Real – Lisbon, Portugal

2001: Agora Gallery – New York – USA

2002: Galeria Belo Belo – Braga, Portugal

2003: Museu da Água-Mãe D’Água – Lisbon, Portugal

2004: The Lennox Gallery – London- Inglaterra

2006: Fundação Dr. Cupertino de Miranda – Porto, Portugal

2006: Avagaleria –Helsinky– Finland

2007: Galeria TRIBECA – Madrid – Spain

2007: Galeria Jose Lorenzo –Santiago de Compostela-Spain

2012: Convento de S. José – Lagoa, portugal

2015: Galeria Jvalles – Restelo- Lisbon, portrugal

2017: Galeria Valle’s , Restelo- Lisbon,  Portugal

2019: Galeria Zenite, Lisbon, Portugal

2020: Museu de Coimbra, Galeria Almedina, Coimbra, Portugal

2020: Galeria Óriq coletivo artistico , Lisbon, Portugal


Select Awards

Honour mention, Salão Internacional D’Arts Plastiques – Barcelona, Spain

Great Prize of Itália 2003  - Vada –Livorno- Italy

Prize Alfonso Arana - Salão ACEA´S BARCELONA 2003, Associacion International de Plástica Latina, France

1º award “alTreball de Textura” – 12º Internacional d’arts  plásticas ACEA’S – Barcelona

Great Prize Terra d’Etruria 2003” – Grosseto –Italy

Great Prize Toscana –Óscar Della Cultura – 2004 –Italy

Prize Cosme’Tura 2004 – Merit  Diploma - Italy

Public Collections:

Museu D’água -Museum , Lisbon

Câmara Municipal do Seixal, Portugal

Seixos de Ouro - Acrylic, resin and inks on canvas 180 x 125 cm
 Orange roses - Acrylic, resin and inks on canvas 120 x 150 cm
2020, nº11 - Acrylic, resin and inks on wood 100 x 100 cm
Sonhos cor de rosa - Acrylic, resin and inks on wood 125 x 100 cm

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