George Emil Odthermat

"Close your eyes and you will see."

(Joseph Joubert)

Hope of Despair Color digital photograph

George Emil Odthermat was born in 1966 in Romania and today lives in Germany. He has a Ph.D. in Education and has done additional studies in Photography. His recent exhibitions include  Do7 Insight - Outlook, Polarities - Art and Healing and Boundless at Present at K22. Odthermat's mesmerizing photographs display a delicate subtlety although the subject often stares intently back into the viewer's soul. His smoothly treated surfaces and juxtaposed exposures result in intricate compositions that reflect a purposeful process and meticulous decision-making. 

“I'm inspired by an alternate reality in daily life, which appears for a moment before it disappears, sometimes newly outlined in post processing. I believe, all that exists is only because it's enclosed by the space in between things, the silence among soundscapes and the unseen inside the light.” 

Light On Color digital photograph

Turmalin Black and white photograph

Sakura Color digital photograph

Dream World Color digital photograph

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