Oksana Elfouly

“My website showcases paintings of various styles and techniques. Request more information, and I will provide detailed answers to all your inquiries. Welcome to a magical journey into the world of art that can transform the way you perceive artistic expression."

Spaciousness - Digital Media (High-Resolution Print with Unique Technology)

Oksana Elfouly is an emerging Ukrainian artist currently residing in Dubai, UAE, where she is the proprietor and creative force behind Art Studio Oksana Elfouly. Her artistic endeavors predominantly explore the human capacity to harness the mind and inner strength for personal development, delving into the depths of abilities ingrained within the subconscious.

While her focus remains on the intricate interplay of mental faculties, Oksana also finds inspiration in abstraction and simple prints. In her perspective, these elements offer a gateway to the enchanting world reminiscent of childhood, establishing a profound connection with the vitality of nature.

Oksana's artistic portfolio reflects a diverse range of styles and directions, a testament to her penchant for exploring various creative realms. This diversity underscores her inclination towards engaging in different artistic pursuits, a characteristic that shapes the dynamic and multifaceted.

Unconscious - Mixed Media on Canvas
Promotor Fidei - Mixed Media on Canvas
Through the Looking Glass - Mixed Media on Canvas
Lady Autumn. Chords. - Mixed Media on Canvas

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