Olga Goldina Hirsch

"Looking at the world with the honesty of a child is one of the prerogatives of the artist. Children do not always understand what is happening in the adult world, but they feel things subtly and experience the upset and happiness of adults, and they draw just what they feel..."

Their Games, 2022 - Mixed media on canvas 170x190x3,5 cm £3500

Olga Goldina Hirsch, a highly accomplished painter, illustrator, and essayist hailing from Moscow, Russia, has made her mark on the vibrant art scene in London, where she has resided and practiced her craft for over 15 years. Following the completion of her Master's degree in Fine Art from the esteemed City & Guilds of London Art School, Birmingham University, in 2018, Olga has continued to flourish in her professional pursuits.

Renowned for her exceptional talent, Olga's works have found their rightful place in prestigious collections around the globe. Notably, her creations grace the Copelouzos Family Art Museum in Athens, a prominent institution revered as one of the world's largest art collectors. Furthermore, her distinctive pieces adorn esteemed private collections in England, France, Italy, Canada, and even the Russian Museum of Modern Art in Vladivostok. Such recognition solidifies Olga's status as a truly remarkable artist.

A testament to her rising prominence, Olga's work titled "Who Am I?" was prominently featured in the esteemed catalogue of Le Salon des Artistes Francais in 2021. Additionally, her captivating creations are proudly presented by esteemed galleries such as Art Number 23 Gallery in London, I-Gallery Intelligence in Paris, TEBBS Art Gallery in London, and Ad Lib Gallery in Wimbledon Village. Notably, Olga's artistic endeavors have received invaluable support from Cazenove Capital, a testament to the remarkable caliber of her work.

Building on her accomplishments, Olga's recent works were showcased in collaboration with London's galleries, exhibited in prominent locations such as Pimlico and Regent's Park tube stations. Looking ahead, art enthusiasts and critics alike eagerly anticipate the digital display of her works at the upcoming group exhibition in Broadway Plaza, Times Square, New York, USA in June 2022. Moreover, Olga has captivating shows scheduled in renowned art hubs including London, Rome, and Turkey, further solidifying her status as an artist of extraordinary talent and global appeal.

Olga's exceptional contributions to the art world have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by her membership in the esteemed Taylor Foundation based in Paris, France since 2021. Recently, she achieved yet another milestone by winning the runner-up prize of the coveted TEBBS International Art Award in 2022, a testament to her unrivaled skill and artistic vision. Her remarkable work has also been prominently featured in prominent art magazines, art books, and catalogues, solidifying her place among influential contemporary artists.

The Red Ball, 2022 - Mixed media on canvas 170x190x3,5 cm £3200
Evenings On A Farm Near Dikanka, 2022 - Mixed media on canvas 160x190x3,5 cm £3500
I Want Your Polka Dots Dress! 2022 - Mixed media on canvas 160x180x3,5 cm £3500
Can I Look At The World Through The Eyes Of Joy? 2022 - Mixed media on canvas 160x190x3,5 cm £3500

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