Olga Kovtun

"Art, for me, is life. An inner, deeply intimate space. Without borders between the inner and external world. No entrance, neither exit. Everything exists only a single moment on paper. This is a great symphony; going towards the inconceivable surprise. An interesting, enjoyable game.”

Green Way - Pastel/ acrylic on paper 152 x 160 cm

Personal Exhibitions

1998/2004  Russian Federation, Krasnodar, State Art Museum 

1998/1999  Germany, Nordhausen / Sonderhausen, Regional Art Exhbitions

2000 - 2003 Germany, Gallery Kalinka,Weimar, Leipzig 

2004  The Netherlands, Gallery Brunstingerhof, Beilen

2005  The Netherlands, Gallery Artisjok, Tjerkwerd

2006  The Netherlands, Pictura Art Society, Groningen

2007  Russian Federation, Gallery 7 Kartien, Krasnodar 

2008  Germany, Gallery ‘Gewerk’, Erfurt

2008  Ukraine, ‘New Pastel’, Kiev

2008   Russian Federation, State Art Museum, Krasnodar

2009   Russian Federation, Gallery ‘7 Kartien’, Krasnodar

2013   Russian Federation, Gallery ‘Zikade’, Krasnodar


Group Exhibitions

1990  Germany, 'New Names', Erfurt, 

1990  Russian Federation, Vladikavkaz, National Art Museum Ossetia-Alania Republic

1992/3 Russian Federation, Central House of Art, Moskou

1992  Germany, 'Kunst aus der Kuban', Karlsruhe 

1994 - 1998 Russian Federation, Art Group 'Facade', Krasnodar, 3 exhib.

1997 Russian Federation, Modern Art in North Caucasus, Maikop 

2004  Germany, Berlin-Charlottenburg

2005, 2006  Germany Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin

2012 Germany, Kreis Sparkasse Exhibition Hall, Nordhausen

2013 Russian Federation, State Art museum, Krasnodar

2013 Russian Federation, Art Biennale, Krasnodar

2014 Russian Federation, State Art museum, Krasnodar

2014 Austria, Gallery‘ Daliko’, Krems

2014 Russian Federation, National Association of Artists, Krasnodar

2015 Russian Federation, State Art Museum, Krasnodar

2020 The Netherlands, Art Arnhem, Arnhem



2008  The Netherlands, Art in Ahoy, Rotterdam

2013/4 The Netherlands, Annual Dutch Art Fair, Amsterdam

2016 Russian Federation, National Association of Artists, Krasnodar

2018 The Netherlands, Art at the Ee, Woudsend

2020 The Netherlands, ART ARNHEM, Arnhem

2020 The Netherlands, Kunstation (Artstation), Uden

2020 The Netherlands, Mick Art Gallery, Emmen



1970 Master of Fine Arts, Kuban University, Art Faculty, Krasnodar, Russian Federation

1979 – 1992 Masterclasses, House of Art, Moscow, Russian Federation

Melancholy - Pastel on paper 152 x 123 cm
Last but not least - Pastel/ acrylic on paper 150 x 120 cm
Honey - Pastel on paper 150 x 120 cm
Light house - Pastel on paper 150 x 130 cm

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