Oto Rimele

“The problem of light is in its being so self-evident that we do not see it; it only becomes marked through its shadow.”

Lumiquadro 1 Wood, color 195 x 37 x 8 cm

Born 1962 in Slovenia and living in Maribor, Oto Rimele is a painter, visual artist, university professor, author of visual spatial settings and a musician. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana (BFA, MA). In 2004 he received the Prešeren Fund Award, the highest recognition for achievements in the field of art in the Republic of Slovenia.  Recently, an important book on his artwork has been published, titled ‘Oto Rimele: Spirituality of Material Absence’, which was written in co-operation with an important connoisseur of world art, Professor Dr. Jure Mikuž. Rimele has presented art audiences in numerous individual and group expositions.

“The paintings–objects are constructed in such a way as to generate color: they are objects of the generation of color and they are catchers of light. Thus they become creators of shadows.” 

“The manner of establishing radiation is the relationship between individual energy centers. Together, they form a non-material coat, a kind of radiation drama.”

In the series of works featured in this presentation, color is present like the natural reflection of the painted canvas outside the painting surface at the paintings back. So, the source of color isn′t any electric source. It happens naturally like a reflection on the wall. Rimele has been researching this phenomenon for more than a decade.

“My works commenced mostly from painting; they are a battle with the frontal, a battle with the self-evident pose of the passive view; they are not consenting to the enthronement of the perceiving categories – after all it is about researching a painting that is not dead.”

Lumilinija 5 Wood, color, wax 165 x 8 x 6 cm
K3 Round Mirror Wood, color, wax (11 panels) 210 x 198 x 5 cm
OVUM-RO Plaster construction, color 62 x 51 x 13 cm
J-05 Wood construction, canvas, color 240 x 146 x 16 cm

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