Päivyt Niemeläinen

“The Finnish nature and great old stories provide the background of my art.”

CARMEN - Oil on canvas 65 x 90 cm

Living in Helsinki, Finland, Päivyt Niemeläinen is a mixed media artist working in a variety of media. She first graduated as a Textile Artist and then earned her Master of Arts at Helsinki University. Niemeläinen has designed textiles, print fabrics and posters, she has written scripts for TV movies and since 2000 has had solo art shows in Finland, Germany, and France. With participation in group shows in Austria, Australia, Brazil,  Bulgaria, China,  England,  Denmark,  Finland, France, Germany,  Italy, Japan, Malta, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and the USA, Niemeläinen is a member of Circle Foundation for the Arts ARTEC-Artmondial Association, France, Kunst Stuttgart International, Germany, MUU Artists’ Association, Finland, Society Viipuri Artists, Finland and The Finnish Watercolour Society, Finland. 

IN FLAMES - Mixed media 55 x 75 cm
MEMORIES - Oil on canvas 45 x 70 cm
BRIDGES OF SUNSET - Mixed media 55 x 75 cm
RETURNING - Oil on canvas 42 x 64 cm

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