Pat Siegner

"I am inspired by the light on the scenery here on our ranch and surrounding areas, and how it falls on different objects and makes them seem important. I equate this universal and indiscriminate light with love which falls on everything worldwide."

Summer Grace

From Oregon, USA, impressionistic artist, Pat Siegner attended the University of Arizona majoring in Business Economics. She has been married ever since, raising her five children on a cattle ranch and loves to paint.

“Originally I was inspired to paint by my mother who constantly encouraged me to draw or paint, taking me to art shows. In high-school, I was encouraged by an art teacher who won for me a Hallmark art scholarship. He also told me to paint every painting like that painting where I was so completely focused I was not aware of anything else going on around me. I have sold photography, paintings, greeting cards and a photography book of our area. I love to do Impressionistic paintings because I can put my heart and soul in them and tell a story of what I see. I have shown my art primarily in Oregon. I have been a very private artist. I am now realizing I have something to say."

A Smile On A Cold Day
Winter Fields and Red Willows
Lift Up Before Dark
A Symphony Along. The. Rive

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