Paul Butler

"I hope you enjoy my work and as the artist, John Craxton once said: “If you like my art I thank you. If not then I am sorry for wasting your time."

Blue - Acrylic 64 x 64 cm

"Initially inspired by the work of Terry Frost, Ben Nicholson, Bridget Reilly and Mark Rothko, I have found myself intrigued by the possibility of using simple shapes, colour and texture to create art. I travel widely and have enjoyed working with artists at home as well as in New Zealand and Australia. I enjoy experimenting with materials and am obsessed with the circle in all its forms."

English artist, Paul Butler has primarily exhibited work in London and Cornwall as well as in numerous Open Exhibitions around the country. His work is in private collections in Britain and abroad and Butler is currently preparing an exhibition at Crypt Gallery St Ives Cornwall, October 2021.

Paau - Acrylic and shell 82 x 82 cm
Selfie - Acrylic and glass 64 x 64 cm
Flow - Acrylic and paper 82 x 82 cm
Pallette - Acrylic 82 x 82 cm

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