Paul Foropoulos

"My Art is inspired by everyday images which are composed from life. It is also inspired by the beauty and wisdom of color and meaning that our Creator has offered to us through His Amazing Creation. It is very important to express and share these meaningful thoughts through color and Shape. A tiny dot to our culture."

Night Fever - Oil on canvas 48 x 36 in.

Paul Foropoulos was born on the Island of Samos in Greece. At a young age, he left seeking to broaden his horizons and career through education and travel. He spent considerable time in Greece, Lebanon, Italy, France, Austria, and the United States studying and building his international reputation. He currently resides in Clearwater Florida most of the year but spends his summers in Karlovassi on Samos island in Greece.

Paul has a PhD in Fine Arts and a Master’s Degree in Digital Arts & Graphics. He has spent 40 years as an Active Fine Artist and Art Instructor, owning his own Art School and Gallery, and continues to add to his own educational training.

His paintings have been displayed in many galleries throughout his career: Lefakis Gallerie - Zygos Gallerie - Pazopoulos Gallerie - Art Gallery Athanasiadis - Δelta art gallery - Ziegenfuss Fine Arts Gallery - Wyland Galleries - Collection Prive' - The Aspen Gallery – Piper Gallery & Permanent display of his paintings in Foropoulos Studios of Fine Arts.

Outstanding exhibitions over the years have included:

• The American University in Beirut Lebanon where he was honored by the presence of the Prime Minister the night of the Grand Opening which was covered on television.

• Center of the Arts, in Athens Greece, a 53-day solo exhibition by the City of Athens, also including television coverage.

• Carnegie Conference Hall Rockefeller Center New York, where attendance numbered 2600 plus at the Grand Opening. Guests included dignitaries, celebrities, representatives from different educational & cultural institutions and representatives of the City of New York & the United Nations. This event was covered in local media.

• Paul was appointed to create a painting titled "Olymbiaki Ekehiria" for the "Olympics in Greece 2004", the title of the painting was also the name of the entire exhibition.

There have been numerous other art exhibitions such as international art fairs and art events.

Energy - Acrylic on canvas 24 x 30 in.
The Piano - Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30 in.
Heart - Life - Mixed media 32 x 38 in.
Women on the Go - Mixed media 36 x 36 in.

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