Paul Scott Malone

"I began my career out of college as a newspaper journalist because I needed a job, but wound up a painter. My work today is but a continuation of that beginning nonetheless. I make artworks out of what I have done in my life, seen in my life and, especially, what I've heard."

Mother and Child, 2024 - Mixed on Canvas 48 x 48 in $30,000

Paul Scott Malone, hailing from Houston and deeply rooted in the American South and Southwest, channels the essence of these locales into much of his artwork. With degrees from the University of Houston (BA 1978) and The University of Arizona (MFA 1986), Malone's multifaceted career extends beyond painting, encompassing diverse experiences and disciplines. From serving as a soldier and bartender to a stint as a newspaper journalist, and later as an instructor in English literature and writing across various academic institutions, Malone's journey reflects a rich tapestry of life's encounters. A prolific writer and poet, he's authored several acclaimed works, including the award-winning "In An Arid Land: Thirteen Stories of Texas" (1995), a second story collection (2000), and the novel "This House of Women" (2001). Transitioning to full-time visual artistry, Malone's paintings have graced numerous exhibitions, galleries, and publications on both sides of the Atlantic. Initially drawn to abstraction, Malone now delves into various painterly genres to explore his themes, people, and landscapes.

Malone's accolades span across disciplines, with highlights including a Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts (1990-92) and the Jesse Jones Award for Best Fiction from the Texas Institute of Letters (1996). Recognized as an International Contemporary Master by World Wide Art Books in 2011, Malone's acclaim continues to soar. Notable recent achievements include being hailed as a "Top Artist to Watch in 2024" by Contemporary Art Curator in Europe, receiving the 6th International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci: The Universal Artist from the Effetto Arte Foundation and the National Museum of Science and Technology at Milan, and being honored as a Global Art Virtuoso by Contemporary Art Collectors in Madrid. Adding to his laurels, Malone is set to receive the International Prize Phoenix for the Arts from Italy's Effetto Arte Foundation in Venice, acknowledging his lifelong contributions to civilization. Additionally, he was granted a Lifetime Achievement Award from Who's Who in 2019.

The Mountain Cat and the Missionary (Storm #1), 2011 - Oil on Canvas 32 x 54 in $27,500
Dark Matter #2, 2004 - Oil on Canvas 48 x 36 in $21,900
Chiricahua, 1998 - Oil on Canvas 54 x 42 in $25,500
Golden (American Habitat), 2019 - Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 40 in $24,500

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