Paulette Murphy

"Art is something I’ve always pursued. Working with natural materials connects me with my roots, having been raised in a small northern town in Canada. I’ve experimented with different materials, stone carving, mosaics, batiks, printmaking. Recently I‘ve been working with fibre and found objects."

Muddy River - Cloth, needle felted fleece on canvas 12 x 12 in.

“I was raised in Terrace Bay, Ontario, and migrated to Brampton where I now reside with my husband. I am a mother to three daughters, three granddaughters and one step-grandson. After graduating from college, I worked as a freelance designer and did commission portraiture. I also curated a small art gallery in Terra Cotta for three years. I have entered and won prizes in many Juried art shows and was a member of The Colour and Form society for three years. I sat on the Brampton Arts Council board and am I founding and life member of BeauArts Brampton as well as participating in the Arts Etobicoke art rental program.  To me, the struggle and the pleasure of the process of making art are just as important as the end result.”

Sea Scape - Wet & needle felted fleece on canvas 16 x 20 in.
All Together Now - Wet & needle felted fleece 12 x 12 in.
Twilight - Wet felted fleece, wood, stone, yarn, metal, cloth on board 6 x 12 in.
Shaman - Wet felted fleece, wood, yarn, beads, cloth, button, feather on board 6 x 12 in.

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