Glass art is a unique form of art where skill and creativity is the key. That key is experimenting with the endless possibilities glass has to form or deform into a unique piece of art."

Silver Flock - Glass 3 x 40 x 80 cm

Pejo (Peter and Johanna) the Belgian artist couple join hands and creative minds to create contemporary glass art. Being restless they experiment with the boundaries glass has as a material to form or deform it into art.

Their unique technique is shown for the first time in the series "The Invisible Children." They want people to think about the alleged transparency of our children, full of dreams, talent and hope they create realistic scenes of day by day situations where their fragility and loneliness is captured in transparent glass sculptures that stimulate the mind.  Building on this technique their glass art originates in sculptures that represent speed, romance or sentiment.

Pejo's glass art has already been shown in New York, Miami, Zurich Switzerland, Strasbourg France, Norway, The Netherlands, and Belgium. Their glass art is to be found on four continents in the houses and galleries by glass lovers. They recently received the International Botticelli prize in Florence Italy.

Joachim - Glass mounted on a trapeze 110 x 40 cm
Pauline and Victor - Glass mounted on old wood 100 x 83 cm
Sofie - Glass mounted on a trapeze 130 x 42 cm
Liesbet - Glass mounted on old wood 80 x 65 cm

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