Pepponi Art

“I started painting as a child, and painting has remained my passion and my favorite hobby. With bold colors, I am able to express various impressions and ideas which cool me down and help me relax. I am an autodidact - out of all tried-out materials, I prefer painting with acrylic especially on wood.”

Sailing - Acrylics on Canvas 30 x 40 cm €350

“Working in tourism since 1970, I lived overseas and traveled around Europe, America, Asia, and Africa (spending 11 years in Kenya). For 22 years, I lived in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, yet, since June 2015, I'm back in Germany.

Traveling so much has left its marks on my art. Especially the colors and the smell of Africa and Asia are deeply in my memory. My pictorial language mainly consists of figurative elements reduced to the essential into which I ornamental transfer very harmonious forms.  This is completed by my ability to apply glowing colors. By achieving a correlation between abstract and figurative forms and color, I'm able to give my work of art some sensual attractivity. The portrayal of perspectives and mostly the strong expression of bright colors are my trademark. I had great fun with the illustrations that I created in 2017 for a children's book ("Toni on a journey of discovery and other exciting animal stories") by Edition Kalliope.

My artworks – Pepponi Art - are now part of private collections worldwide, such as in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, India and Australia.


In recent years, my works have been shown in various exhibitions in Germany, the USA and Spain, including Kunstverein Fulda, Vonderau Museum Fulda, Art in barns / Lich / Germany, Miami SCOPE Art Show Florida, Red Dot – Spectrum Miami, Times Square New York and Art Expo New York / USA, Clinica Picasso and Casa Creativa Mallorca / Spain. My works are published in several art publications and I participated in various art competitions and have received various awards.”

Wahine Moana - Acrylics on Canvas 50 x 60 cm €650
CoffeeArt - Missing Audience - Espresso on Canvas 50 x 60 cm €650
Park Avenue - Acrylics on Canvas 20 x 20 cm Price not listed
Which Direction We Go - Acrylics on Canvas 30 x 40 cm €350
Masks of India - Acrylic on wood 52 x 60 cm
Lovers - Acrylic and paper on wood 60 x 80 cm
New Task for Bullfighters - Acrylic and paper on wood 50 x 50 cm
Blue Heads - Acrylic on wood 80 x 80 cm
From my point of view - Acrylics and sequins on canvas 40 x 30 cm

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