Peter Clarke

"As a veteran artist I have found that if you find doing the work easy, satisfaction will elude you."

Spirits of the Campo - Oils 100 x 49 cm

“I am a veteran artist who studied at the Camberwell School of Arts during the 50s and am still painting in my 80s. After leaving art school, I was employed in the print and graphic industries. I returned to fine art and studied at the Sutton College of the Liberal Arts, concentrating on the human form. I exhibited in group shows and then went on to show my work in the corporate sector and galleries in and around London. I exhibited in the exhibition "Evolution and Revolution" at "The Angel Gallery Islington". I had two successful one-man shows at the "Quaker Gallery" in central London. During the early 90s, my wife and I opened the "Atelier Nine" gallery in the south of France. During this period I won "Le Grande Prix de Orientales" for painting. I returned to the U.K. in 2008 and now live and work in Hastings.”

Picnic at Biarritz - Oils 106 x 86 cm
Swimming with Bruno - Oils 66 x 50 cm
Take the A Train - Oils 86 x 120 cm
The Waders - Oils 85 x 64 cm

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