Petra Knezic

"The core of my art process is the transformation of any given situation that occupies my mind, with all its colours, into the basic molecules, the building bricks. There are so many issues that cannot be settled because of their density, without being analysed and understood. I draw them."

Dial.Up or Peter Pan's Crocodile - Ink on paper 180 x 80 cm (70.86 x 31.5 in.)

Petra Knezic is a self-taught artist from Slovenia that focuses on ink art. She uses precise technical pens (isographs) with drawing ink, that let her create very detailed drawings on paper or canvas, for the sake of exploring an idea with the smallest line.

Her art is based on creating stories, using empty-faced, gridded people (Soulies) or skeletons, to invite the viewer to mentally collage their person into the drawing and experience it for themselves. She seldom steps out of the black and white variations as she sees her love of ink as an upgrade from previously used pencil and charcoal and a possibility to strip down a situation into its building bricks.

Petra has been published in international art magazines around the world and has been awarded the first Leonardo da Vinci Award - The Universal Artist in Florence, Italy as well as the Canaletto Prize for outstanding work in her art career in Mira (Venice), Italy. She has been published as one of the ten finalists in the abstract and experimental art issue of the leading art magazine International Artist Magazine. She has also been distinguished as one of the 20 jury-selected artists in the CCBA International Milano Art Competition, finishing 2016 with an international group exhibition at the Bakery Pavilion and later the Art Passage gallery in the heart of Milano, Italy. Since then, Petra has focused on only one collection, the "Grids and Bricks - Underwater" works, which she completed in 2018.

Density, the Angler Fish - Ink on paper 76 x 56 cm (30 x 22 in.)
Punky, the Balloon Fish - Ink on paper 56 x 76 cm (22 x 30 in.)
0 100 0 0 : Magenta - Ink on paper 51 x 80 cm (20.1 x 31.5 in.)
RED: waR lovE blooD - Ink on paper 140 x 100 cm (55.1 x 39.3 in.)

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