Photography with Precious Metals – Awards and Exhibitions


The start of 2021 is the start of new beginnings. My photography has moved me further forward, this year exhibiting with MUSA in Vienna, 24/25/26 April selected as one of the ’10 Art Must Haves’. (Exhibition Restrictions allowing). My artwork ‘P226913 Untitled’ was awarded the David Michelangelo Prize in Italy and I have also been included in ‘The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2021’ by Art Now, with the piece: P913120 Untitled.
April 22nd is Earth Day, when my selected artwork will be exhibited with Create4Peace and for auction with Art Tour International in New York.
I will also be receiving my International Prize of Ambassador of Art 2021 from Italy, with ‘Sirens’ fore fronting my body of work and where I am still in Residency at the Rosso Cinabro Gallery, Rome. ‘Sirens’ is one of my Photography with Precious Metals Collection, hand gilded with Palladium.
After a difficult year, it is time to slowly and safely come out of our hibernation.