Pu Wei

"My art has an inner strength of practice and understanding. It is a description of the state of being from my own art spirit. When I enter meditation, I communicate with the universe, nature, and life. Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye it also includes the esoteric pictures of the soul."

Between heaven and earth - Rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments 68 x 68 cm

Pu Wei specializes in traditional Chinese brush painting and has developed her unique style of brush painting called “Contemporary Chinese painting - Color of Surupa series”, an innovative method of expression and the spirit of Chinese brush painting techniques, using ink and brushes, water, rice paper and natural pigments.

Pu Wei creatively depicts the beauty of traditional Chinese culture and art through expressive brushstrokes as a vehicle; a new method that has greatly appealed to a wide audience. The traditional ideologies Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism have greatly impacted the Chinese artists' aesthetic preferences. The concept of enhancing oneself by meditation, by being still, cultivating the heart, and nurturing the character by laborious efforts have greatly impacted numerous Chinese artists for thousands of years.

Cultivating heart (Confucianism focus), being still and poised living (Taoism focus), and Buddhist meditation all point to the same goal: staying connected to nature, achieving a transcended mind without being stimulated by the tangible environment. The importance of “mind” and “spirit” in the production of art pieces have inspired Pu Wei. Her paintings reflect a skillful merge of her subjective consciousness into the aesthetic experience for those transcended images she conceived and depicted.

Pu Wei pioneers the color of surupa painting technique to create an art portal through which viewers can see the balanced beauty of merging both the traditional Chinese art forms and the Western abstract art styles. Pu Wei’s wide range of brush paintings contain the aesthetic ideals expressed by Oriental art thought and Western abstract arts. More importantly, Pu Wei has merged into her works the Western impressionist and abstract styles called “the imagery style” that reveals the illusions of the visible realm.

Snow mountain glaciers - Rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments 68 x 68 cm
Colorful clouds on the hillside - Rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments 68 x 68 cm
Overlook land - Rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments 68 x 68 cm
Moon lake - Rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments 68 x 68 cm

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