A contemporary art, print and e-magazine by Circle Foundation

You have been invited to include your artwork in "Art IDEAL" magazine. With a unique and innovative design, published artists can choose from two types of presentations. As all our magazines, it will be available to read fully online, page-by-page.

We are excited to offer this new title in our series of established and very well-received editions.

Please continue reading carefully for all publication details.

Presentation Options

Artists can choose between the following options

One Page Presentation - 263 EUR (tax included)

The design includes

● Artist Name ● Artist Website  ● 1 small profile picture ● Short Artist Statement text ● Biography texts + CV text ● 1 or 2 images (according to text size)


Two Page Presentation - 464 EUR (tax included)

The design includes

● Artist Name ● Artist Website ● 1 small profile picture ● Short Artist Statement text ● Biography texts + CV text ● up to 4 images (according to text size)


What the publication fee includes

Preparation of images for print and web magazine ● translation/editing of texts ● art direction & presentation design ●  international promotion & distribution ● dynamic full magazine pdf available for embed on your personal website ● discretely watermarked full magazine pdf available for published artists

Submission Guidelines

What material we ask you to submit through the participation form

We highly recommend that you submit 6 images through the form. Our curatorial and design teams come together to make the final selection and professional editing, in order to present your work and career in an elegant, ideal way.

Only invited artists can submit artwork for publication in Art Ideal Magazine.

Image size: Please make sure that the total of your images doesn't exceed 25MB when uploading through the form. If we need a larger image, we will be in touch with you to request it.

We highly recommend a short personal statement, in first person, for example, "My work is about... I am inspired by... Art is..."   We have found that each page becomes more interesting to the reader when you reveal more about the person behind the artwork. Readers are captivated by bold statements that may further engage their imagination and thinking. Please no text over 160 words.

We will ask you to provide a short biography text. Our professional literary editor will see over the text and make sure it reads perfectly in English. If necessary, the text will be edited to fit the space.

Optionally, we will ask you to list 5 most recent or most important exhibitions.

Optionally, we will ask you to list 5 most recent or most important Awards, Titles, Distinctions, Memberships, etc.

The format for both of the above is 

YEAR - Title of Show, Gallery Name, Country, City

YEAR - Title of Award/Distinction, Name of Organizer/Issuer, Country, City

Quality, Distribution and Design

A unique, high quality magazine by Circle Foundation. Published in France, Printed in Europe, Distributed Internationally.

Digital Magazine

Art IDEAL magazine is fully available online to read page-by-page through our website and We promote each publication through our dedicated newsletter to about 75,000 art readers. On the online magazine, the artist's website is a direct link. Published artists will be able to add the entire published pdf on their personal website.

Printed Magazine

High-quality print ● Full-Color ● Original landscape layout (29.7 x 21.0 cm or 11.7 x 8.3 in.) ● Perfect bound ●  Glossy cover 250gr ● Laminated sulfate paperboard cover ● Matte pages in 115gr white paper ● 1000 copies available in the first edition ● Ships internationally

Page Design

Well-researched and optimally designed, Art IDEAL has a classy, minimal aesthetic. Each artist's page includes their name, website, a short statement, a profile picture, the artist's biography, and curricular references to exhibitions, awards and titles. Each page can feature 1 or 2 images. Our curatorial and design teams regard each presentation as unique and make decisions that will result in a professional and elegant way to introduce the artist.


The published artist keeps 100% copyright of their images but allows Circle Foundation to print and reproduce their material in the magazine that may be distributed for free or at a cost. The images in each magazine are protected in three significant ways: a. The online pdf is protected and not available for download. b. The online pdf is not printable or of reproducible quality. c. Every page which art appears includes the artist's name as well as the title/issue of the publication.


Art IDEAL is distributed largely online and, like our other publications, is expected to reach thousands of readers. The magazine will be permanently on our website as well as, one of the most popular online publication platforms. We promote the publication through email to our list of about 75,000 art professionals (galleries, curators, critics, buyers, collectors, decorators etc.) and we publicize on social media. We provide an easy way for each artist to add the entire magazine, as well as a link to order the print from their personal website.

Publication Quality

Art IDEAL is a high-end magazine with an original and eye-catching look. We put our expertise in curating, art directing, designing and producing a publication that not only looks flawless in terms of design but which—most importantly, showcases remarkable content with notable fine artworks brought together from around the world in a unique curated collection.

Important Notes


What payments do you accept?

We accept PayPal or Card.


How can I order the printed magazine?

When the magazine is ready we will send you the link to order your prints. Depending on the final page count, each printed copy will cost around 25-35Eur with discounts starting if you order 5 copies or more. This is the cost price. The order is placed directly from the print shop and we do not add any amount to the cost price. We also receive the magazines at the same price as you, the published artist.

No print copies are included in the cost to publish.

As a published artist you can add the entire digital magazine on your personal website. (We will tell you how)
As a published artist you can add an "Order printed magazine" button to your website. (We will tell you how)


How large should I submit my images on the form?

All your 6 images together should not be more that 25MB.  Generally speaking, the image should be at least 2500 pixels in the small dimension. If we have any issues and need a larger image we will ask you.

Why should I pay to publish?

Artists today are expected to manage their creativity as a business. Paradoxically the more money you earn from artmaking, the more time you gain to make art!  The outdated idea that artists should not pay for promotion is unproductive in the competitive world we live today.

At Circle, as we have proven with some 25 back issues of our magazines, our team of experts works hard and smart to see each publication project successfully from conception to production. Our magazine will provide a solid marketing tool for the artist who aims at boosting their resume and wishes to promote their career.

Why choose to publish in Art IDEAL?

Art IDEAL is the newest title in a series of established and respected publications by Circle Foundation. It will provide a valuable addition to the artist's resume as it is a curated selection of artists. It will provide an excellent opportunity for exposure as we circulate the magazine widely to an international audience. It is a career-booster for the professional artist who by increasing their list of estimable publications can also increase the market value of their works.


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