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Submissions for the next issue of Spotlight Magazine are open

1 page - 189 Euro (Your name, website, short artist statement, 1 image, image details)
2 pages - 368 Euro (Your name, website, short artist statement, 2 images, image details)
3 pages - 552 Euro (Your name, website, short artist statement, 3 images, image details)
4 pages - 736 Euro  (Your name, website, short artist statement, 4 images, image details)


Front Cover (includes front cover & the first 2 pages of the magazine)

First Artist (includes a 2 page spread at the beginning of the magazine)

Back Cover - the back cover is awarded to one participating artist

Quality, Distribution and Design

Published in France, Printed in Europe, Distributed Internationally both online and in print


Spotlight Magazine is fully available to read page-by-page online, through our website, as well as our dedicated newsletter, with an overall projected reach of about 75,000 readers. The artist's website is a direct, active link so that interested readers can easily connect.

Printed Magazine

Spotlight Magazine is printed with high-quality full-color 115gram paper and a full-color cover of 200gram, glossy cover at 21.0 x 29.7 cm or 8.3 x 11.7 in. The paper magazine can be ordered directly through our website. Published artists will be provided with an "order print copies" link that they can add to their website and emails. 1000 print copies are available in each edition.

Page Design

Well-researched and optimally designed, Spotlight Magazine has a classy, minimal aesthetic. The emphasis is on the image, which is accompanied by a museum-type label description and a short artist statement. We recommend the artist submit a statement written in first person, that really enables their voice and personality to come through.


Spotlight Magazine is distributed largely online, reaching thousands of readers. Each issue is published on our website as well as, one of the most popular online publication platforms. We share and promote the magazine through email and social media and we invite each artist to also share the magazine via email, on the website and social profiles.


The published artist keeps 100% copyright of their images but allows us to print and reproduce their material in the magazine that may be distributed for free or at a cost. The images in each magazine are protected in three significant ways: a. The e-magazine pdf is protected and not available for download. b. The e-magazine pdf is not printable or reproducible quality. c. Every page where your art appears includes your name as well as the name of the publication.

Publication Quality

From design to publication, Spotlight is a premium quality magazine. We put our expertise in curating, designing and producing a publication that not only looks flawless in terms of design but which — most importantly, showcases remarkable and most noteworthy contemporary visual artists bound together page-by-page to tell the story of what art looks like today.

Why should I pay to publish?

Publication requires a small fee per page because a team of experts works full time to get this project out.  This is a very well-research, professional and elegant magazine. This is a marketing/career/advertising project for the active artist who wishes to gain new audiences, expand their resume and become part of a professional and noteworthy milieu.

Why choose Spotlight Magazine?

Spotlight Magazine is an impeccably designed publication. It has a very small fee. It is a very valuable addition to your resume. It is available to share easily online and add to your website. It is a very high-quality print. It is distributed to our list of over 75,000 art professionals, a list that has taken many years to create, that is targeted and keeps evolving.

Will I sell work through Spotlight Magazine?

Several works have been sold through our magazine and several artists have been contacted by galleries. But we cannot promise you that you will sell your work. The primary purpose of the magazine is to promote your work and what it will for certain provide you is an important addition to your resume, a very professional way to share/showcase your work to professionals and it will directly increase the value of your works.

Important Notes for Applying Artists

What payments do you accept?

We accept PayPal or Card.


How can I order the printed magazine?

When the magazine is ready we will send you a link.

Also, each issue has a page on our website, with a button to order print copies.

No print copies are included in the cost to publish.

The print magazine is available at cost price anywhere from 25-  36€ per copy + shipping

- As a published artist you can add the entire e-magazine on your personal website. (We will tell you how)

- As a published artist you can add an "Order print copies" button to your website. (We will tell you how)


How large should I submit my images on the form?

All your 6 images together should not be more that 25MB.  Generally speaking, the image should be at least 2500 pixels in the small dimension. If we have any issues and need a larger image we will ask you.


About the artist statement. 

 Each page contains a very short text (max. 100 words). We highly recommend a short personal statement, in first person, for example, "My work is about... I am inspired by... Art is..."  We believe that your page becomes extra interesting with a text that will captivate the reader by allowing to hear your voice and adding a bit more insight as to who the person is behind the art or information about what the art is about.


Who reads the magazine? 

As noted above, Spotlight is available both printed and online. The digital publication is fully available online and our magazines have about 1 million reads just on Issuu. An official press release for each new issue of Spotlight Magazine is sent out to our private mailing list of about 75,000 art professionals. Below is a very brief sample of galleries/curators/organizations who will receive the magazine:

[Kun:St] International, Germany
1810 Gallery
530 Burns Gallery, Florida, Usa
A&E Fine Art, New Jersey, Usa
Agora Gallery NY
Ahc Projects, Germany
Angers Gallery
Anne Gallery
Arabella Gallery
Art Circle Gallery Philippines
Art Gallery Pure
Art House Gallery
Art In Canada
Art Link International
Art Link International
Art Plus Gallery
Art Space 976
Art Up Close
Artistic Edge


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