“I am a self-taught digital media artist. I combine graphics using 3DCG to create my sculptures. I want to produce work that is technically challenging and offer digital composite images that are bold and impressive.”

Kiss - Pen painting by 3 axis robot

Born in Osaka, 1984, Japanese digital media artist, PX RH now lives in Shiga, Japan. He studied Engineering at Kansai University. His works have been internationally exhibited at Japan Art Tasting EXPO 2015, Mirano, at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts in Las Vegas and at Art Expo New York.  PX RH has participated at the London Book Fair, had various shows in Japan and has been published in Current Masters 2, International Contemporary Masters Vol.10,  Art Dive Vol.7 and other books. PX RH makes up surreal, sculptural landscapes that appear in a post-apocalyptic context. His bold color combinations and newly invented forms make up unique compositions that challenge the viewer into considering a new, eerie super nature.

Compass - Digital Art by 3DCG
20140531 (Digital Art - 3DCG)
Hibiya in Japan - Photograph
20151106 Move (Digital Art - 3DCG)

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