"I believe that there shouldn't be any pretense when showing your true self. As a matter of fact, I think that the darkness that exists deep within us truly represents people rather than the beauty that can easily be seen from the outside."

Utopia-Self Portrait, 2020

QIMJUNGHWAN was born in Chuncheon, South Korea in 1994 and first started his career in his early 20's as a commercial photographer. When working on his photographs, Qim values conducting extensive interviews with the models to find emotional connections and ultimately to melt their psychological and emotional states in his works. While Qim feels that producing colorful and beautiful photos is fun, he finds taking meaningful photos that remind him of the moment that he pressed his shutters fascinating. Many people are generally more attracted to colorful and bright artworks as it is only natural for them to pursue and crave beauty. However, Qim’s work rather focuses more heavily on the raw, dark and pure image of people as he believes his works can only be completed when hidden inner stories are revealed through them.

Gaze (視線), 2020
Utopia - Myself in the Same Place II, 2020
For White Collar I, 2020
Fashion Model, 2020

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