Ralph I Miller

"Leveraging the passions of gestures is the basis for creating decisively charged, exceedingly textured and shamelessly whimsical impressionistic paintings. It is at once experimental, and often unexpected, incorporating influences from my life, and decades of creating immersive installations."

Fading Glory - Oil on Canvas Photo Print 96 x 54 cm

Ralph I. Miller is a visual and experiential artist of Nicaraguan heritage. He began painting as a young boy. Ralph is influenced by 20th century Dominican Republic artists, Peña-Defilló (“Papo”), Perez, and Cruz. Growing up between Managua, Santo Domingo and Miami, Ralph embraced a Caribbean color scheme of bright blues, yellows, greens and reds. Ralph explores a wide range of media and styles—including collage, mixed media, photography and paintings in acrylic and oil.

His work explores concepts of merging and combining shapes, forms, and colors—concepts of coming together and breaking apart—oftentimes deconstructing a piece into a number of smaller, interrelated yet independent works. The physical act of separation and intersecting fluidity symbolizes everyday life as it diverges from the norm. Broad imaginative strokes prevail among constructed and deconstructed substrates creating even more layers of dimension, texture and imagination.

Gel Face - Acrylic and UV Paint on Canvas Photo Print with Gel embellishments 96 x 54 cm
Dentist Chair with Shoes - UltraViolet Paint on Canvas Photo Print 96 x 108 cm
Subway Swirl Diptych - Ultra Violet Paint on Canvas Photo Print 96 x 108 cm
Spark of Imagination - Acrylic on Canvas Photo Print 96 x 54 cm

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