Ray Besserdin Paper Sculpture Artist

"As a child, I looked at a piece of paper and got excited at all the possible things I could create with it. Nothing has changed. I was born to artist parents and began my passion for paper in childhood. I innovated a style of art I term Impressionist Sculptured Paper, targeting emotions not realism."

The Path to Gondwana - Sculptured paper 91.5 x 91.5 x 8 cm

Born to artist parents, Ray began his passion for paper in childhood, about the time he also became fascinated with nature.  Graduating from LaTrobe University in 1982 and starting out as a graphic designer/illustrator, he soon began innovating sculpture techniques with paper.  Over 30 years, his work has ranged from miniature to gigantic and abstract to ultra-realistic, but his signature work is a style he terms “Impressionist Sculptured Paper,” associating it with the painting style of that name because it is only loosely representative, concerning more with stimulating emotive responses.

“I want the nature of the paper to show through as I speak to viewers’ hearts without the clutter of detail." 

Ray uses mostly hand and mould-made sheet formed cotton, mulberry and hemp papers from Europe and Asia. Nature and people are his favourite subject matter.

Ray has been recognized both in Australia and internationally with 24 awards to date, including two gold from New York, one for a Macquarie Bank corporate commission and First in the Nature Exhibition of LightSpaceTime Gallery, Florida 2018. He won the People’s Choice Award, National Works on Paper 2018, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria and a highly coveted International Art Professionals “Gold Medal for Creativity” by the Mondial Art Academia, France.

Corporate clients include Macquarie Bank Australia, Amcor, Ford Motor Company and Northern Territory Government of Australia to name a few. Private commissions hang in London, Munich, Manhattan, New Zealand and throughout Australia.  

Recent interviews: ZoneOneArts  https://zoneonearts.com.au/ray-besserdin/  ACS Magazine Chicago, USA https://www.acs-mag.com/acsmagjanfeb2019 and Art & Museum Magazine, UK https://lnkd.in/gWbhQqx


Ray Besserdin is Australian Ambassador for Mondial Art Academia, France since 2018.

2019 Exhibitions: July in Melbourne, Australia presented by the Royal Botanical Gardens of Victoria; October in Paris, Carrousel du Louvre

Sven Libaek, Distinguished Composer - Sculptured paper 70 x 80 x 5 cm
The Red Sands Garden - Sculptured paper 91.5 x 91.5 x 8 cm
Don Burrows, Woodwind Jazz Legend - Sculptured paper 70 x 80 x 5 cm
Dionysian Green Man - Sculptured paper 120 x 120 x 10 cm

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