Regina Jokubaitis

"Accept challenges to defeat hardships.”

The Mona Titty - Oil on Mirror - 24W x 28H x 2D in.

“I am currently exploring what I call NEW AGE MIRROR! Simply refurbishing anywhere from new to used to antique mirrors. Channeling original creativity in oils. Creating a as unique as each individual who looks into it an abstract expressionism experience. My carpentry skills are novice, but then again that's part of the art. 

My artwork is available in print or the original itself at”

An award-winning, published, and self-taught artist, Regina Jokubaitis was born in 1960 in New York to Lithuanian immigrant parents. Fluent in English and Lithuanian, she graduated from Mt. Saint Mary's Academy in the top 10%. Regina explored small town America for many years while traveling the carnival circuit. Know as MIRRORARTIST, she is also an evolving entrepreneur and invites everyone to visit her websites: and

"If you are a fashion trendsetter and wish to wear my art. Please note: Reflections are evident in photographs of my artwork, as these are of mirrors, not canvas. Originals are clear and crisp and unique! Look forward to new art to be uploaded sometime in 2023! contact email"

Lipgasm - Oil on Mirror - 48W x 36H x 2D in.
Death's Door a' Knocking - Oil on Mirror - 32W x 42H x 2D in.
Faceless Fish Fantasy - Oil on Mirror - 36W x 24H x 3D in.
Sleeping Zebra Eye - Oil on Mirror - 22W x 31H x 2D in.

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