Reiner Langer

"I have worked my whole life for Freedom. For more than 35 years, doing Mail Art projects titled, "AGAINST WAR" by Reiner Langer. I employ a very special technique: Old-masters mixed media collage, including free drawing, all elements are hand made including the coloration."

Jesus - Mixed media collage on paper 7 x 14 cm

German artist, Reiner Langer studied with Prof.  Lajos Sebök and had his first exhibition in 1979 followed by a wide range of international shows in Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, France, the USA and many more. Multi-award recipient including Revierkunstpreis, Germany, UNESCO AWARD, Kremlin Gallery, Moscow, Dante Award, Italie, Michelangelo Award, Italie, UNESCO AWARD, Greece, Langer has done masterclasses and workshops worldwide. He did "Big Fire" Installations in India and Germany, two countries which he has also done successful performances in.

The Storm - Mixed media collage on paper 8 x 15 cm
Freedom - Mixed media collage on paper 15 x 20 cm
Not Free - Mixed media collage on paper 15 x 25 cm
Angel Trusted - Mixed media collage on paper 18 x 24 cm

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