Renate Kirchhof

"By producing monotypes in which a paint roller rolls out the required color and transfers it to the ink carrier, the "roller painting" developed. I was inspired by the works of T. Lempicka, whose work I copied with my technique. The airbrush work came a bit later."

Sonnenblumen - Oil on canvas 203 x 304

Born in Berlin where she also completed her studies, Renate Kirchhof attended the Hochschule der Künste Berlin art with Prof. Wolfgang Ludwig and Hans Förtsch and graduated in Graphic Design. She then realized a career in graphic design and developed teaching programs. Renate further her studies in education, free drawing and painting.  After years of living in Worpswede, a small artist village in Northern Germany, Renate returned to Berlin.

Renate has participated in international exhibitions including at Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung, Lösekrug Gallery, Technology Center Boston, USA, the ESA, Estec in Holland, and more. She was a nominee at Palm Art Award.

Frankfurt - Oil on paper 177 x 254
Wasser - Airbrush and watercolor on paper 177 x 254
Blumen - Monotype, colour pencil 76 x 101
2 Girls - Monotype, colour pencil 76 x 101

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