“Rewilding the Human Spirit” Reviewed Positively by New York ARTNews


Amazilia’s book of nudes in nature has been positively reviewed by Jennifer Vignone of New York ART News. Jennifer comments :-
“one of the admirable things about Paul Veron’s online book, “Rewilding the Human Spirit” is the exploration of a theme. This book is an immersion in the nude poised in nature, standing out against the landscape or melding with the elements. He opens the book with an essay where he recounts several experiences that inspired him to his own “rewilding” and the creation of this volume. As Mr. Veron explains in Chapter Three of his accompanying text:

“…Rewilding is all about the experience of connecting deeply and intuitively to, and belonging in, this world and its many varied landscapes and environments. It is also about being very comfortable and at home with nature, taking some form of spiritual and/or mental nurturing from such contact”.

His text indicates his searching to reconnect. He recounts instances of social gaffs and moments of realization in how his life and exposure to the elements has been very different from many, and how this has affected his knowledge and his appreciation of others’ experiences. Ultimately this becomes a visual experience with photographs, that through their creation, engage the viewer in the rewilding experience.

The photographs depict the splendor of the landscape. They are lush, powerful, and inviting.”

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