Rey Zhong

“Influenced by my background in the gaming industry, I have developed an interest in sculpting and designing fantastical creatures. I have been encouraged by ambitious fellow artists who view their creations as a career and dedicate themselves to constant improvement through daily practice.”

The Chinese Lacquer Sculpted Monster-Tunkou02 Digital Art 70 x 119 cm $2300

Born in 2000, Rey Zhong graduated from the Ringling College of Art and Design. He began his career as a 3D artist in the game industry, contributing to notable projects such as Halo Infinite (2021) and Forza Motorsport (2022). Currently, he holds the position of Senior 3D Environment Artist in an unreleased AAA game project. His focus lies in 3D rendering art, digital sculpture, and concept art.

The Haughty Gaze of the Dragon Digital Art 60 x 40 cm $2700
Hello World Digital Art 90 x 67 cm $2300
Knight in the Painting Digital Art 97 x 63 cm $2500
The Chinese Lacquer Sculpted Monster-Tunkou01 Digital Art 72 x 72 cm $2300

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