Ricardo do Rosario

Born in Florianópolis, Brazil, Ricardo do Rosario grew up drawing objects that he found around. He loves oil painting using the alla prima style. His work ranges from abstract painting to digital art and from impressionism to contemporary. His inspirations are Manet, Monet, Richard Schmid, and graffiti artists as well.

Transformation, a journey to liberty - Oil on canvas 67 x 70 cm

Ricardo do Rosário used to draw collages and cartoons at school, admired by his mates. With difficulties to access a paid university, he decided to take a Bacharelate in Computer Science. From then until early 2020, he spent all his efforts in that area but was always thinking about art, drawing and painting. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ricardo took an oil painting course at Panorama Escola de Artes and has since not stopped painting.


Select Exhibitions

- Virtual Exhibition of 2020 at Escola de Artes Panorama (December/2020);

- Virtual Exhibition Feminine Empowerment at Up Time Art Gallery (March/2021);

- Exhibition Woman and Art at Art Lab Gallery in São Paulo (March/2021);

- International Exhibition Between Wolf and Dog at UDESC (March/2021).

- International Exhibition While We Wait - Rooted (USA) at Vacant Museum (April/2021).

- Exhibition 5 Years of Art Lab Gallery at Art Lab Gallery (June/2021).

- Exhibition Coziness at Orta Galeria (July/2021).

- Exhibition in Virtual Reality ArtBitBC at Galeria M.I.U (December/2021).

- Exhibition Winart at Galeria M.I.U. (March/2022)


Gallery Represetations

- Galeria M.I.U. - Balneário Camboriú/Brazil

- Orta Galeria - Pelotas/Brazil



- New Collection Coziness - Book (July/2021)



- Arts Club at Galeria M.I.U. (April, 2021)

Choices - Oil on canvas 70 x 50 cm
The Home - Oil on wood 30 x 40 cm
Always on my mind - Oil on canvas 28 x 18 cm
Walk with the dog - Oil on canvas 18 x 13 cm

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