Ricardo Pettermann Laires

"In my kind of painting, there is no sketch. My creative act is the antithesis of the brain work. In such a way that sometimes I get surprised by my own work. It is during this process that ideas emerge. The muse when it appears is during the act of creation. The idea comes during the process; subconsciously and in total freedom. This is a world of non-representation; an art that has lost its forms. Itʼs a painting that has to do with emotions, dreams and memories, because our identity is composed of fragments of our experiences, the sum of overlapping memories."

Vietnam, 2020 - Oil on canvas 97 x 140 cm

Portuguese artist, Ricardo Pettermann Laires was born in 1948 in Lisbon and holds a degree in Medicine as an Ophthalmologist. Ricardo attended Design and Painting courses at the Institute of Arts and Crafts of the University A.of Lisbon (UAL), guided by Pof. José Mouga (2009-2015). 


Select Group and Solo  Shows

2011 Institute of Arts and Crafts UAL Gallery (group show) 

2012 Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology (solo show) 

         Institute of Arts and Crafts UAL Gallery (group show)

2013 The Medical Council Gallery (solo show) 

          Municipal Gallery of Torres Vedras (group show)

2014 Trindade Theatre of Lisbon(two-person exhibition)

2015 Municipal Central Building of Lisbon(two-person exhibition) 

2016 Affordable Art Fair(February, Brussels)/Gaudi Gallery 

          NH Hotel Campo Grande, April/Lisbon (solo show)

          International Contemporary Art Fair(May, San Sebastian)/Gaudi Gallery Art Santa Fé Fair(July, USA)/Gaudi Gallery

          Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam (October)/Gaudi Gallery 

2017 Mariza Frozen(April,Berlin/group show)

         Metizartis/Lisbon Military Museum (May, group show)

         Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology (November, Lisbon/solo show) 

2018 Artbox.Project at Stricoff Gallery NEW YORK (5-16 March/group show)

          Xuventude de Galícia/Galician Center of Lisbon(22Set-4Oct/solo show) 

2019 Xuventude de Galícia/Galician Center of Lisbon(13 April-10May/solo show) 


Ricardo Pettermann Laires is presented in several private collections in  Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin and California.  His artwork was chosen for a monograph book cover about Presbyopia, Edited by the Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology, Lisbon, December 2019.

The fire of modern painting, 2017 - Oil on canvas 97 x 140 cm
Peaceful Memories, 2019 - Mixed media on canvas 90 x 90 cm
Untitled III, 2019 - Oil on canvas 90 x 90 cm
Marrakech, 2018 - Oil on canvas 89 x 116 cm

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