Richard Sperry

"Art, whether abstract or representational, like the night sky, invites us to imagine, participate and create stories. As we view and gaze endlessly, subtle changes in our perception and vision transform what we see, at the speed of light, in our mind's eye.”

Stardust Origins in the Constellation of Love - Mixed media on canvas 40 x 40 in. $3200

Richard Sperry, an American artist residing in Saint Charles, paints his life as he experiences it. He defies categorization as merely an abstract painter, a landscapist, or a figurative artist. Instead, he finds inspiration in both internal and external mechanisms, compelling him to depict his thoughts, emotions, experiences, and existence itself through his art.

Sperry's paintings serve as a personal diary, catalog, and chronology of his life's events, reflecting nearly six decades of personal and artistic growth. Each piece is meticulously crafted, starting with an acrylic paint base and then layered with oil paint, oil pastel, ebony pencil, charcoal, oil stick, and 18k gold paint and leaf. The presence of the 18k leaf and an infinity symbol across his artworks serves as his signature, a trademark that distinguishes his work.

Through his unique artistic process and autobiographical expressions, Richard Sperry invites viewers into his intimate world, where every stroke carries the weight of his life's journey and the depth of his artistic vision.

Love's, Lines, Circles, Angles & Rhymes - Mixed media on canvass 40 x 40” $3200.
'Wild Abandon’ in 3 part triptych - Mixed media on canvas Ea. 36 x 36 in. $8000
Vonnegut's Garden - Mixed media on canvas 48 x 24 in. $2400
A Universe Within #2 - Mixed media 36 x 36 in. $2500

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