Rita Cavallaro

"My art is the representation of my reality through fibre art: I create objects, people, and images that come from my inspiration on themes, stories, visions, and works of art. Crochet is no longer used in an ordinary way; it is my brush that directly creates the canvas."

Dora (Thinking about Picasso) - Crochet mixed yarns. 40 x 51.5 cm €600

Rita Cavallaro, born in Messina, Sicily, Italy, in 1989, experienced a multicultural upbringing, attending school for Italians in Libya during the early years of her life. This environment ignited her passion for music and art, laying the foundation for her creative journey.

Intrigued by manual arts, particularly crochet, Rita discovered her interest while observing industrial knitting classes at the academy. Inspired by her peers, she embarked on her independent exploration of fiber art in 2010. It was in 2015 that she encountered the work of Prudence Mapstone, whose freeform crochet garments became a significant source of inspiration for her. However, her perception of crochet underwent a transformation in 2019 upon discovering the creations of Jo Hamilton, who had pioneered the technique of depicting people through crochet years earlier. Rita found resilience in her artistic endeavors despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, with Jo Hamilton serving as a guiding influence along the way.

Today, Rita channels her creativity into crafting crochet works of art akin to paintings and tapestries. Each piece is a unique fabric, intricately woven with colorful threads that serve as the palette of a painter. What sets her work apart is her ability to infuse a certain organic quality, breathing life into her portraits and reviving images from the past. Her distinctive approach to crochet caught the attention of academic circles, leading to her art becoming the subject of a thesis in Italian language and culture by Professor Elena Fabbri, exploring the landscape of textile art in Italy.

Rita's artistic expression transcends boundaries, encompassing a wide array of creations ranging from artistic fabrics and objects to portraits and accessories. She actively participates as an artist in creative sector fairs such as Abilmente and yarnbombing events across Italy, further cementing her presence in the contemporary art scene.

Breathe of Mermaid - Crochet mixed yarns. 64 x 46 cm €1,000
Alexis - Crochet mixed yarns. 36 x 43 cm €500
Elena - Crochet mixed yarns. 35 x 40 cm €500
Karen - Crochet mixed yarns. 33 x 37.5 cm €500

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