Rita Merheb

Celebrating the beauty of Arab culture and hospitality, with an artistic twist to Kufi script, presented on different media.

The artist with her Kufi Plates - Porcelain 33 cm

"I have been a Graphic Design professor at the American University of Kuwait since 2009. Before I came to Kuwait, I taught Graphic Design in various universities in Lebanon. I hold an MFA in Graphic Design and an MA in Multimedia for Education. I worked in the field of Graphic Design in both Lebanon and Saudi Arabia before starting my teaching career.

As a Lebanese designer who was raised and lived most of my life in the Gulf, I was looking for an identity that is well rooted in Arab culture, while embracing the contemporary art movements around the world. Taking my prior understanding of the culture, my research, and the market needs into consideration; my aim was to create art pieces that are inspired by the culture, the generosity, the welcoming spirit and hospitality of the Arab people.

The "Moua'ayada Collection by Rita" is a set of ten plates with ten distinctive yet similar and cohesive designs. Each adorned with a different message, written in Kufi Style that fills the outer edge of each plate in a very stylish and innovative design. Hayyakom, Nawartoona and Bil Aafiah are just some of the statements on the beautiful porcelain dishes.

The design process of the plates required an ingenious and innovative technique through which I took the rigidity and straightness of Kufi and reproduced it in a perfectly proportionate rounded look to fit on the circular shape of the plates. A technique that is very time-consuming and requires a lot of patience and complicated calculations to get precise dimensions and proportions for the right design.

After the huge success of the plates, I decided to experiment with different media to create new products. I designed wooden trays, new clay plates, porcelain vases, wooden vases, and my latest project which I am currently working on is a beautiful set of rugs designed with welcoming messages with my rounded Kufi style."


Photo credits: Mohamad Magdy

Kufi Trays - Wood 38 cm
Portrait of the artist with the Nawartoona Rug - Textile D. 150 cm
Kufi Vase - Wood 38 cm
Kufi Vase - Porcelain 38 cm

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