Rob Parsons

"Painting in oil, generally realistic. I try to draw the viewer's eye into the painting with the hope that they may see more than is at first obvious and maybe encourage a smile."

Fish Supper - Oil on canvas 61 x 70 cm

British artist, born in 1949 and currently based in Huddersfield, Rob Parsons, is a member of  'The International Guild of Realism'. Originally from a musical background, the painter has spent many years living in  France. His artworks have sold widely in the UK and in France.

Wreck of the Cormorant - Oil on canvas 51 x 76 cm
Some Sunny Day - Oil on canvas 92 x 61 cm
eneath the Bridge - Oil on canvas 61 x 76 cm
Beyond the Balconies - Oil on canvas 61 x 92 cm
Ferry Cottage - Oil 50 x 65 cm
Refuge - Oil 60 x 73 cm
Med Magic - Oil 81 x 81 cm
Paws for Thought - Oil 46 x 61 cm
Sea Fever - Oil 73 x 91 cm

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