Robert Perriam

“I do not follow any artistic style or seek to imitate the work of any particular artist. I seek only to depict in a natural way the often harsh beauty and lighting of the landscapes of Australia.”

Eucalyptus Bark, Watercolour Effect - Digitally modified photograph

“My preference is for pristine landscapes, trees, and wildflowers, untouched by the hand of man. All of my work is digital, with older photographs digitized from film. Images are presented in a range of artistic effects; an oil/acrylic brushwork effect, a watercolor sketch effect, respecting the detail of the scene, and a streaked aura effect, which some may regard as an aura of the earth. Some are presented as photographic images, where that seems most appropriate.”

Yaegarup Beach, WA - Digitally modified photograph
London Bridge at Sandstone, WA - Digitally modified photograph
Prevelly, WA - Digitally modified photograph
Yaegarup Beach WA - Digitally modified photograph

Robert Perriam was born, 1944, in Trinidad, West Indies and now lives in Perth, Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Science from The University of Otago, New Zealand, Master of Science, from The University of Western Australia and Graduate Diploma in Business and Administration, Curtin University, Western Australia. He worked for 40 years as a field geologist which took him to remote places in Western Australia. “I carried a camera and photographed the landscapes which I visited. Now retired, I use a small motorhome to make photographic trips to remote and scenic areas. The photographs taken form the basis of my work.”

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