Robert Perriam

"I do not follow any specific artistic style or seek to imitate the work of any artist. I seek only to depict in a natural way, the often-harsh beauty of the landscapes, vegetation and lighting of Australia, in particular the landscapes of the inland deserts."

Limestone Cliffs, Giekie Gorge - Digital image 41 x 27 cm

Robert (Bob) Perriam, for forty years a field geologist working in the exploration industry in remote areas of Western Australia, carried a camera and photographed the landscapes which he visited. Now retired, Perriam uses a small motor-home to make photographic trips to remote and scenic areas.

"My preference and inspiration is for pristine wilderness landscapes, trees and wildflowers untouched by the hand of man."

The Grotto, Kununnurra - Digital image 41 x 27 cm
Dark Waters, Yellow Water Billabong - Digital image 41 x 27 cm
Cliff, Katherine Gorge - Digital image 41 x 27 cm
Ancient Art, Katherine Gorge - Digital image 41 x 27 cm

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