Rochelle Berman

"The greatest joy lies in sharing the present moment's magic with others and exploring dreams and intuition as tools for creative and spiritual discovery. I love to create 'Dreamscapes' where I start with the inherent beauty in nature, places and people and take a creative leap from there."

Escape - Digital photograph 24 x 36 in.

Rochelle Berman was born in Brooklyn NYC and currently lives in Miami, FL. She spent her youth studying Visual Arts, including classes in Life Drawing and Painting. In college, she discovered her passion for photography. Classically trained in black and white film photography at ASU Fine Arts Dept, Tempe Arizona, she learned to utilize creative film techniques such as solarization, double exposure, photomontage and many creative darkroom techniques. She was employed as a portrait photographer while still in college. Rochelle assisted her professors in the History of Photography courses and was inspired by diverse Masters of Photography such as Henri Cartier Bresson, Man Ray, Abbott, Brassaii and more modern (portrait) favorites include Phillips Halsman, Annie Liebowitz, Barbara Morgan, Arnold Newman Andre (Experimental photography)- Kertesz, Skoglund (Travel Documentary), Jim Zuckerman and Steve McCurry.

Rochelle has exhibited and sold her work locally and internationally. She enjoys creating certain “Dreamscape” type effects through envisioning the final result and employing the many varied Digital Darkroom techniques. Rochelle especially enjoys creating experimental portraits, nature studies, travel and architecture inspired images. Well travelled, Rochelle Berman captures the immense beauty of our world as seen throughout many countries, peoples and landscapes. She enjoys capturing the special moments and underlying essence of a scene; the timelessness. Totally in love with color and pattern, her artworks are electrically vibrant, simple and direct in composition and emotionally rich.

She captures and creates images that show the beauty and magic of our world. Rochelle can touch hearts and inspire minds through her fine art photography work. As a spiritual truth seeker, her art helps to break through traditional thinking to discover new ideas and feelings.

Escape - Digital photograph 24 x 36 in.
Release - Digital photograph 24 x 36 in.
Rejoice - Digital photograph 24 x 36 in.
Metamorphosis - Digital photograph 24 x 36 in.

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