Romana Schmitt (ROSCH)

"A work of art is an expression of an incommunicable reality that one tries to communicate to others - and that sometimes succeeds in communicating.This is his paradox and his truth.” -E. IONESCO

< em>My wish is that each of my works bring light, harmony and positive energy into people's minds and souls.”

The Waterfall - Acrylic on Canvas 120 x 80 cm €2,900

 Romana Schmitt, known in the art world as ROSCH, is a Czech-born artist who has been making waves with her bold and expressive abstract works. Graduating from a graphic arts school in Prague, Schmitt has been painting since 2003, honing her skills and developing a unique artistic style over the years.

Schmitt's canvases, often of larger dimensions, are characterized by a dynamic interplay of colors and textures. Employing a variety of techniques such as spatula effects, scratches, combined techniques, watercolor underpaintings, and graphic elements, she creates visually captivating compositions that draw viewers into her vibrant world of abstraction. Inspired by everyday life, nature, architecture, and the spiritual realm, Schmitt's works transcend the boundaries of conventional art, offering viewers a glimpse into her rich inner world.

In recent years, Schmitt has garnered recognition in international art competitions, receiving prestigious awards such as the Special Mention Award in the ART VUE Winter competition 2023 and the 7th place in the EUROPEAN ART AWARDS 2022. Her paintings have found homes in private collections not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad, cementing her status as a rising star in the contemporary art scene. With accolades like the Artist of the Year Award and honorable mentions from esteemed organizations like the CFA Artists of the Month, Schmitt's artistic journey continues to captivate audiences around the world.

The Sailboat RED QUEEN - Acrylic on Canvas 70 x 100 cm €3,700
The Perseid - Acrylic on Canvas 100 x 100 cm €3,300
In the Fields - Acrylic on Canvas 100 x 100 cm €3,500
Betula - Acrylic on Canvas 70 x 100 cm €3,300

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