Romi Gianna

“What inspires me in art is the freedom. It lies at the tip of my art brush. Art carries a distinct vibration for me, capable of miracles—of healing, inspiring, and purifying. My artistic pursuits are intertwined with finding a path to myself and to others through art!”


Goddess' Piece - Acrylic on Canvas 135 x 92 cm €1500

Born in 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Romi Gianna, aka Rumjana Georgieva, finds immense inspiration in seeing her artworks enrich the spaces of her clients. "Witnessing my creations come to life in their artistic domains feels like a rebirth," she shares. Her art spans diverse styles—from abstractionism and landscapes to pop art portraits and worlds crafted in Cubism and Fauvism, each evolving like life itself.

Using acrylic, mixed media, quartz sand, and other tools, Romi Gianna's work is a deliberate expression of her emotions and observations. "I seek to capture fleeting moments and intricate details often unnoticed in our fast-paced lives," she explains. Her art revolves around the theme of impermanence, reflecting her belief that life is in constant flux.

Romi Gianna has showcased her art in 9 solo and 10 group exhibitions, gaining recognition through television, radio, magazines, and newsletters. Her accolades include the 2024 Art Collectors Choice Awards and 2023 American Art Awards, where she received honors in categories like Abstract, Naïve, and Portrait of Someone Famous. Her commitment to exploring emotion and transitory existence resonates deeply with viewers, inviting personal reflection through her compelling creations.

Night Bird - Acrylic on Canvas 108 x 60 cm €1200
Tales of Babylon - Acrylic on Canvas 125 x 100 cm €1500
The Kiss - Acrylic on Canvas 125 x 100 cm €1800
The Key - Acrylic on Canvas 145 x 100 cm €1900

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