Rosemary Paprotny

“Each portrait is my very own personal signature and that makes it unique.”

C.M. - Pastel 50 x 60 cm

"When I started drawing at the early age of three, I drew all kinds of pictures.  Houses, people, cars, flowers etc. In fact everything. One day, I discovered a photograph from my grandparents hanging on the wall and that was the moment that I knew, that I wanted to draw faces.

Great artists have played and are still playing a very important part in my life.  Marina von Michel (+2012) my Mentor, Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer, Michelangelo, Gottfried Helnwein, Colin Davidson, Gerhard Richter and many more.  We discover a lot and we use what we learn from each one of them and integrate this knowledge in our art.

Before I begin my portrait, it is very important for me, to take a lot of time getting to know my model, as I want to capture the whole personality and express it in my portrait.  Each person is different and that is why I have to be a very good observer and have a great perception and sensitivity for seeing even the very smallest detail, which I then capture and use.

At the end when the portrait is finished and I hand it over to my client and see the sparkling eyes with the smile on his lips, we both visualize instinctively this “magical moment” between the two of us and I am very happy!"

Harmony - Pastel 50 x 60 cm
Happiness - Polychromos (Faber Castell) 30 x 40 cm
H. Schertz - Pastel 50 x 60 cm
Enjoying the moment - Pastel 60 x 88 cm

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