Rune Baashus

"My job is to use my eyes, capture the perfect moment that you probably never will see again. My photographs are almost always composed through the lens. During my search for the perfect picture, I find power and beauty in the details. As a photographer, I am always moving. What is important today, is perhaps forgotten tomorrow. With my eyes fixed to the camera, I try to capture the meaning of the past."

Sky High Over Russia III - Photograph, Museum Etching, Hanemühle fine art paper 43 x 26 in. or 67 x 110 cm

Norwegian artist and photographer, Rune Baashus has been active in commercial photography for many years, including in advertising, the car industry as well as architectural and industrial photography. Over recent years he has taken a step back from his commercial practice and today he is mostly concerned with Photography as art. With a technical background, as well as experience in graphic design, Rune has the developed the ability to create photographs which look like paintings. His work has traveled the world as much as himself. From the Norwegian country to the coasts of California, Rune uses the scenery to the fullest and serves it all up in a mixture of clean, crisp and graphic expression.

Few people can say they have seen Ralph Lauren’s car collection, much less driven one of them. Rune has had the rare opportunity of taking some of those cars out on the road, driven and photographed for an exclusive series that has been published all over the world. And with Rune’s twist on all of it, it just becomes a work of art. He has also transcended this into works within architecture, where he highlights the most realistic and impressive view of the objects. He has an idea on how the photo should end up, but his skill lies in the capability to frame up objects through the camera, use natural lighting and from there get the best result possible.

There is a kind of loneliness in his photographs of landscapes and horizons, which have been a big part of the newest series published. Rune Baashus studied Photography in Sweden and has attended a number of exhibitions in several countries.

Ferrari F250GT SWG II - Photograph on Hanemühle fine art paper 29 x 29 in. or 73 x 73 cm
Man and the Horse - Photograph on aluminum 35 x 57 in. or 90 x 145 cm
Midnight Sun - Photograph on Hanemühle fine art paper 28 x 43 in. or 70 x 110 cm
Vansjo - Photograph on aluminum 28 x 41 in. or 70 x 105 cm

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